Scions Off The Beaten Path


Mood – Dark Humor

As much a trajectory as a mood, dark humor is irony, pain and despair. Dark humor is the soldier who with his dying breath pulls a grenade pin on his interrogator’s belt. It is the man who kills his assailant in the dark, only to find it was his long lost father. You can expect few stories based on this mood to end well, either for the participants or those who interact with them.

Theme – Anti-Heroics

Heroic sagas are littered with those that serve as a foil for the protagonist, although they may not qualify as villainous outright. These anti-heroes, dark heroes and hampered protagonists still serve the will of Fate, and find themselves time after time being set up like dominoes, ultimately precipitating the cascade of circumstances that result in Fate’s chosen end.

Less-Than-Heroic Scion Adventures

Chapter 1: “Can You Feel The Loa Tonight”
Chapter 2: “Do the Wave”
Chapter 3: “Parody Is The Sincerest Form Of Deception”

Around Creation In Eighty Epochs

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