Around Creation In Eighty Epochs

Decent into the Depths

It's a Dead Man's Party


Having lost DJ Tsunami, the party decides to try and track down the “Zombie Master”. Joined by a new scion, Luke Dionne, they return to the last place he was seen, New Saint Peter Cemetery. Led first by Aura’s spirit dog and then by a ghostly bar patron, they discover an underground temple. It is in use by a cult speaking in proto-Phryigian, entreating a “Chaos Wyrm” to emerge from the “World Ocean”. Luke led the cult in a rousing – and fairly faithful – recreation of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”, while Aura and Gary dealt with the Zombie Master, and Alex faced down the cult’s leader, who turned out to be a twinned albino serpent. Driven off by the “accidental” ignition of natural petroleum deposits in the cavern walls and the ensuing collapse of the ceiling, the group wonders what to do next.


New Saint Peter Cemetery
Antedeluvian Serpent Grotto


The French Quarter of New Orleasns, Louisiana

Current Events

“After their sudden rise throughout the city, water levels have dropped just as suddenly, and are now at their lowest levels in recorded history. Officials insist that the worst in now over, and that everyone is safe to return to their homes. They are dismissing claims from some of the outlying parishes of so called earthquakes, saying that the events are localized, and more likely due to settling.”


Carlos Salawa
Aura Jackson
Gary Write
Alex Vidarson
Luke Dionne



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