Cyrus O'Reilly

"Pre-emptive vigilance is the surest path to victory."


In January of 1942, Horace O’Reilly married Sissy Buckle the evening he shipped out from Memphis, Tennessee. Horace went on to some minor heroics in the European theatre, while Sissy remained chastely on the homefront. Cyrus was born exactly nine months after VE Day. Like many veterans, Horace hoped that his son would “study war no more”, but Cyrus had other ideas. On the morning of his eighteenth birthday, Cyrus enlisted in the Army. He would never see his parents again.

Cyrus quickly distinguished himself on the field of battle, and would spend the next twelve years in Viet Nam. Many of which still in the official employ of the United States. After 1975, he worked as a consultant at a number of undisclosed locations around the globe. In the early Eighties, he returned to the States to make his fortune.

Realizing that technology was the future, Cyrus formed “Defense Electronics Associated”, or DELTA. As successful on Wall Street as he was in war, Delta International Enterprises quickly became the world-renown leader in everything from armaments to aviation, security forces to survey teams. Their most recent spin-off, Hawkwind, is the cutting edge of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, while their biophysics division, Project O, has made vast strides in battlefield transplants and organ recovery.

Though nearing seventy, O’Reilly remains in peak physical condition, occasionally dropping in on Aeon Defense training sessions to “teach those young whippersnappers a thing or two about fightin’!” Cyrus blames Carlos Salawa for the loss of his eye. Carlos responds “people should not go flying drones where they don’t belong, Horace-son.” (Cyrus insists he is saying “whoreson”, while Carlos claims Cyrus simply doesn’t understand his accent.)

Cyrus O'Reilly

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