$he Ra

"The Sun never sets on a $he Ra party!"


$he Ra is an up and coming star of the underground club circuit. She doesn’t announce her shows, preferring to make a spectacular entrance from darkness. She never plays more than an hour, and then jets off to her next gig. But her eccentricities and young age are more than matched by her talent, giving her a legion of fans that track her every move in hopes of predicting her next appearance.

(The fact that she is a scion of Atum-Re and is not shy about displaying her Boons amongst mortals doesn’t hurt, either.)

$he Ra is a typical, if stunningly beautiful, sixteen year old African-American girl from Phoenix, Arizona. She wears ostentatious costumes of gold and precious gems at all times.

She has often called upon the services of Carlos Salawa and his men to protect her during her Underground appearances.

She has never heard of DJ Tsunami.

$he Ra

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