Sulyman Al-Khargha Mohammed

Chancellor of Set's temporal holdings


Sulyman Al-Khargha Mohammed is the last of a long line of Seti, or “Men of Set”. They have acted as the deity’s eyes and ears on the mortal plane, overseers of his earthly treasures, and guides to those scions that have his favor. Sulyman is well aware that things rarely end well for mortals in his position. But it is his duty, and he will fulfill it to the best of his ability at all times.

Sulyman is a middle-aged man of obviously Egyptian decent. He dresses fine and lives well, as befitting a man of his station, but no better. His hands and face show the weathering of years spent in the deserts of the world. But his eyes remain as perceptive and his spirits remain as jubilant as they were in his youth. He is not afraid of any of the scions of Set, but he tries to keep them from seeing just how exasperated they make him.

(In the late hours of the night, and after he has drunk more than he should, Sulyman falls back on the religion of his youth, and curses Set, his spawn, and all the Ennead in the name of the One, True Allah Akbar. He claims to have taken a vow of chastity in service to his Master, but in reality hopes that his line will end with him, and that no more of his blood will be bound to Set.)

Sulyman Al-Khargha Mohammed

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